For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a deep love for nature, art and the outdoors.  If I wasn’t outside in nature, I was inside coloring and drawing.  This was a great source of pleasure and comfort for me growing up and has stayed with me throughout my life through all its ups and downs.

After many career turns from working in the corporate world to becoming an interior designer after my child was born, I still found a longing to draw.  Whenever I could I’d take classes at Parsons School of Design as well as the New School and local art schools.  I’d paint murals for clients as well as use my love of color and illustration in my work as a designer.


After a major life change, I found myself looking for a new home and a new start to life.  I longed for a small house on a beautiful piece of property in the country.  This brought me to my current home in Warwick, NY.  I feel blessed to live here….it is exactly what I had hoped for and more.  I’m surrounded by two acres of land overlooking the Warwick Valley.  I’m inspired everyday by the beauty that surrounds me.  I’ve named my home Bluebird Hill after the many bluebirds that take up residence here in the numerous birdhouses.  These birds have company in the starlings, cardinals, purple martins and a plethora of other living creatures large and small!


My recent studies and certificate training at the New York Botanical Gardens have given me a great opportunity to broaden my skills as a botanical artist.  it has opened up a whole world to me.  I’m grateful to be able to share this expression of that natural world with you.  Above all else, it brings me joy knowing you may feel a spark of delight in viewing an or all of my work…….in peace, /  Member of the American Society of Botanical Artists